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J-Tech Digital Ethernet Network Switch (24-port) [JTECH-EX-120M-UN-S]


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Free lifetime technical support from the manufacture and free 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from J-Tech Digital.

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    J-Tech Digital ® is focused on providing high-quality products that integrate and distribute home entertainment for the residential and commercial markets. J-Tech Digital ® has played a major role in transforming whole-house audio/video and home theater.

    Three Woking modes

    Three modes includes point-to-point, point-to-many & many-to-many. For point-to-point mode, HDMI signal can be extended up to 120m (394ft) over a single Cat5E/6 cable.

    Any-to-Any Broadcasting

    Extend your HDMI signal from any source to any receiver can never be too easy. By configuring J-Tech Digital customised network switch (JTECH-EX-120M-UN-S), you can stream your HDMI signal to one receiver or many receivers; also, receiver can pick the signal from any of the transmitters. The network switch can be cascaded to form a many-layer network to support a large HDMI extender system.

    Standard TCP/IP Protocol

    HDMI signal is repacked into IP packets. Each receiver and transmitter has a unique IP address which you can manually set by logging into their web GUIs.


    Free lifetime technical sup port from the manufacture and free 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from J-Tech Digital




    Product Features

    • Network Switch Specially Optimized for J-Tech Digital HDMI extender matrix
    • Any port can be reconfigured as input or output &User-friendly Web GUI for Port-to-Port Transmiting Setting
    • Can be cascaded for many layers by adding Ethernet switches
    • Supports Unknown Unicast / Broadcast / Multicast Storm Control
    • Firmware upgrade and free technical support from J-Tech Digital

    What's Include

    1 x  Network Switch
    1 x  AC Line 100-260V 50-60HZ
    2 x  Mounting Racks
    1 x  User Manual





    Product Video

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    Additional Information

    Model Number JTECH-EX-120M-UN-S
    Instruction Manual J-Tech_Digital_Many_to_Many_HDMI_Matrix_over_Cat_Manual.pdf
    Driver JTD-793_Firmware_Upgrade_12_2016.bin