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  • How To Troubleshoot HDMI Connection Problems

    By Robert Silva
    Home Theater Expert


    The HDMI Handshake

    HDMI is now the main type of connection used in home theater setups that include HDTVs, video projectors, Blu-ray Disc players, home theater receivers, network media players, and even cable/satellite boxes. One purpose of HDMI is to make it an easier to connect all your components together by using one cable for both audio and video.


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  • What's the distance of the HDMI cable can run?

    Running Long Cable Lengths
    Like all HDMI-enabled components, cables must be tested to meet the Compliance Test Standards set by the HDMI Licensing, LLC. Cables must successfully pass a signal of a certain strength (Standard cable must deliver a signal of 17Mhz; High Speed must deliver a signal of 340Mhz) to pass compliance.


    The HDMI specification does not dictate cable length requirements. Different cables can successfully send HDMI signals various distances, depending on the quality of the design and construction. As well, HDMI compliance testing assumes “worst case” scenarios – testing with components who have minimally performing HDMI electronics. That is why you may see cables in the market that claim to successfully pass an HDMI signal at very long lengths. This may be true using certain quality CE components on each end, but may not work in every case. It is best to test entire systems before installing.

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  • The Future of Accessorizing

    The Christmas season is upon us, and before long the familiar ritual of exchanging gifts will fill countless homes with warmth and joy. The big question every year, however, is what do you get for that special someone in your life that seems to have everything? Thankfully, this year there’s a fairly easy answer to that pesky question – give them a kindle! The kindle, an electronic book reader, makes it easy for anyone to take their favorite books, magazines, or comics wherever they go. While the kindle is a wonderful piece of technology by itself, it truly shines when paired with one of the many available accessories especially designed to work with the device.

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  • How to Pick your Kindle Case

    The holiday season is already here, and there’s no doubt you’re still looking for the right gifts to pick up for the last people on your list. If one of those people is an avid reader, it’s very likely they already own a Kindle. While it may not seem as if you could improve on the gadget, providing a case for the Kindle is a wonderful idea. Not all cases are created equal, however, and you may want to investigate which case is best for your gift recipient. Here are a few key features when looking for Kindle cases that will help you make the best possible choice.


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