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Office Presentation System

  • J-Tech Digital HDMI Wireless Presentation System

    Easy, effective and affordable wireless presentation system.

    OK, so we aren’t all tech gurus, sometimes things that should be easy are the biggest pains. Ever try to use the boardroom media equipment? Visiting a client and unfamiliar with their system? Tricky is an understatement. Enter the J-Tech HDMI Wireless Presentation System.

    Wireless Presentation System

    You take the big box (Presentation Receiver) and connect it to the display via HDMI. You take the HDMI dongle (Sender) and plug it into your laptop. A USB from the end of the dongle into the computer and bam! Press the button on the dongle and everyone sees what you see! If it was any easier (insert cliché statement here) could do it!

    Now, to the serious talk: This is your best and quickest solution to connecting multiple devices to one screen. Have 3 laptops in a meeting that need to present? No problem! Give each laptop a transmitter and hit the sync button when they are ready. No more unhooking one computer to connect another. Almost zero latency up to 65 FT with full HD 1080P resolution so your media stays looking sharp!

    Product Specifications

    The J-Tech Digital JTECH-QS100 presentation system is the ultimate tool for conference rooms in any corporate office or delivering a presentation on the go. With this presentation system, that acts as a switch/extender combo, you can transmit HD 1080p video wirelessly to an HDMI display up to 65 feet away (within line of sight). This device is ideal for screen sharing among multiple users, allowing for 5 users to connect their HDMI source device to a sender which transmits to the receiver. Content sharing and collaboration is made easy, by allowing users to broadcast on their display with the push of a button with near zero latency (1.3-1.8 millisecond).

    Wireless Presentation System

    • HDMI Version: 1.3
    • HDCP Version: 1.2
    • Transmission Distance: 65 Feet Max
    • Supported Resolutions: 1080p/i, 720p/i, 576p/i, 480p/i
    • # of Transmitters Supported: 5 Max
    • Wireless Transmission: 5GHz
    • Latency: 1.3-1.8 milliseconds
    • Audio Format: Stereo PCM
    • Chroma Subsampling: 4:2:0
    • Imaging: SDR (Standard Dynamic Range)

    Packing list Wireless HDMI Presentation System

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